About us

Due to its high level of expertise and a broad network of producers and suppliers, VALIA Trade has developed to one of the largest partners in Brazil for soft commodities, such as Soy, Sugar, Corn, Wheat and other Grains, also Chicken and Beef (also according to HALAL rules). We provide our customers mainly to countries like Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.
But not only soft commodities are part of our portfolio. We deliver large quantities of ores, such as Iron and Manganese, and Lithium Carbonate mainly for the Asian market.

Best quality and the guarantee of continuous deliveries distinguish us to our customers. Thanks to the great efforts of our Specialists and team members, we were able to easily adapt to the requirements of the buyers.

Supplier & Customers

Our criteria for our supplier selection are very strict. So, apart from the price, we pay attention to the best quality, operating capacity and the suppliers experience with export business.
During the contract period, we are in constant contact with our customers and suppliers in order to ensure punctual deliveries according to the terms of the contract.

Just as our requirements are very high on our selected suppliers, we also have requirements to our customers. So many of our suppliers accept only LOIs or ICPOs which are printed on buyers company letterhead which contain, in addition to the buyer information, the buyer’s bank details. In addition, some suppliers require a BCL (Bank Capability or Comfort Letter) or RWA (Ready, Willing & Able) from the buyer already at this early stage of the purchase process.
Of course, all information is treated very discreetly and with confidence.
Not only if agents or brokers are involved in the trading business, will an agreement (NCNDA – Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement) be signed in advance.

Why this procedure makes sense and we follow it can be found here.

Our Mission

Based on core traditions and solid core values, we build a successful and constant business relationship with our customers and suppliers. Responsible behavior towards our business partners is fundamental to building new markets together and providing the best possible solution for all involved. As a modern and ambitious company, it is our duty to provide high quality products to our customers and provide world-class service and excellence on a daily basis, thanks to our people and partners.

Our Vision
We believe in going together as well as growing together. With the goal of developing lasting business relationships, we always strive to cooperate with the best and most reliable raw material suppliers in Brazil to establish high quality products worldwide. Commodity suppliers who are not only committed to their products, but who ensure and guarantee sustainable and ecological growth with state-of-the-art equipment and cultivation methods.
Our Values

Our basic principles are the paths to a common success. These core values drive us and our team on a daily basis to pursue our mission and vision.

  • Trust & Respect
  • Ethics & Empathy
  • Social and Corporate Responsibility
  • Commitment & Teamwork
  • Communication & Transparency